What's Next?

What's Next in Your Journey?


Everyone has a next step. Whether you're investigating the claims of Christ, learning more about Jesus, or a long term follower of Him, there is always a next step for you at C3 Church Crawley. One of Jesus’ last commands to His followers was, “Go and make disciples of all the nations” (Matt. 28:19). The word “disciple” means learner – we can never know everything about God – but He wants us to learn something, and pass this information on to those we love, lead and serve. The Apostle Paul made a similar challenge to Timothy (2 Tim. 2:2).




Your first step is to 'Connect'.  We need to shift all these foreign faces around us into friendly faces. We do through this by attending smaller groups – either Connect Groups in various suburbs around the city, or faith development courses like Discovery. These smaller groups encourage us to interact with a variety of different people – building friendships and a network of connections. Our faith is not our own. It is indelibly linked with those around us. Even the Apostle Paul, the legend of the New Testament, practised this in his letter to the church in Rome: “I’m eager to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours. In this way, each of will be a blessing to the other” (Romans 1:12 NLT). The world has never been more connected via technology – but people still seem more disconnected than ever. Technology can never replace sitting around a dinner table with 6 or 8 other people, eating food, laughing and sharing about real life. Now that's living!

Our Connect Groups are designed to be fun and relevant, giving you an opportunity to meet like-minded people, build genuine friendships, and receive support and encouragement needed on your journey.


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One of the best ways to grow is to get with other believers in a larger setting. Sunday services allow a certain level of anonymity and an opportunity to encounter corporate worship, prayer and hearing the Word of God preached to the broader church. These services will help you to live like Christ in your everyday life and walk with God. You will be encouraged and challenged with others on the journey as you grow in Christ and build relationships.

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There is something unique about being “willing”. There’s something powerful about helping. The Apostle Paul encouraged his friend Philemon, “I wanted you to help because you were willing, not because you were forced.” The actions of serving in God’s House helps the place run better and brighter. Serving will also help you identify and discover your spiritual gifts.  

There are many different ways people can to serve (volunteer) at C3 Church in Crawley. Jesus expressed in Matthew 20:28 – “He did not come to be served but to serve others”, we believe that to truly fulfil the calling upon your life, you need to live a life of sacrifice and serving.  

There are additional benefits to serving that are often overlooked. These are “secular benefits”. Many company bosses truly appreciate their staff being committed to voluntary organisations that serve the community. Serving and leading volunteers requires a different skill set to managing staff. These skills, developed over time, become ingrained in team leaders and these skills are highly valued in the corporate world. As you serve the house of God, you are required to turn up on time, occasionally fill in for someone who cannot make it this time, be kind and welcoming to people you don’t know, do an excellent job – even though you may not be rewarded or compensated (in this life), perform additional duties that most others will not see, and do all of this and more every week/month. Any employer would JUMP OUT OF THEIR SKIN to employ someone who flourished with this work ethic. 

Lastly, our work ethic of excellence helps build a healthy rapport with our bosses and colleagues in the marketplace. This gives us opportunity to share our faith – at the very least by our example Monday through Friday.

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We are called to be disciple makers, so at C3 Church Crawley, we believe in raising leaders to serve, influence and lead our generation and the generations to come. We provide many ways for you to develop and grow in leadership, including our monthly ALL IN team Sunday sessions and on-the-job training to further develop your leadership qualities within.