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Connect Groups encourage us to interact with a variety of different people – building friendships and a network of connections. Our faith is not our own. It is indelibly linked with those around us. Even the Apostle Paul, the legend of the New Testament, practised this in his letter to the church in Rome: “I’m eager to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours. In this way, each of you will be a blessing to the other” (Romans 1:12 NLT).

The world has never been more connected via technology – but people still seem more disconnected than ever. Technology can never replace sitting around a dinner table with 6 or 8 other people, eating food, laughing and sharing about real life. Now that's living!

Our Connect Groups are designed to be fun and relevant, giving you an opportunity to meet like-minded people, build genuine friendships, and receive support and encouragement needed on your journey.

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